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fi youm ana kont mashi min share3 el gharam. One day I was walking on the street of love. The name she was given by birth is Lisa, the name she chose as a muslim is Mahdia. 17. german origin, tunisian soul. converted muslimah. You did just enter her personal blog containing her thoughts, worries, wishes, experiences and regrets.In her darkest hours, mournful words are flowing through her mind. In her brightest moments, she will try to capture her happiness through her poor-quality camera.Enjoy yourself, dear stranger, while you walk through the endless gardens of her mind. Sit down and appreciate the flowers that she grows in there. Do not be shy to leave her a message. Even the gardener sometimes needs a little shaft of sunlight to grow.


He can easily break mountains,
keep the wide sky from falling on us,
stop a tornado or calm the stormy sea.

Don’t you think that He is also able
to lift the weight of the world
from your weak shoulders?

After all He is called Al-Muqtadir,
The Creator of All Power.

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"I’m telling you. Prayer works.""What’s a time that prayer didn’t work for you?""The time I didn’t pray."


My 4 year old brother told me he was scared to grow up and cried for like 10 minutes straight

finally I asked why he was so scared

and he said he was scared of drinking coffee


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If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

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Good Vibes HERE

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A boy sleeps amid the rubble of his destroyed house in Gaza Strip on Sept. 1, 2014.

i hate when i lose things at school like my pencils and papers and life ambitions

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You know what sucks? That muslim guys can write poems about sex and reblog porn 24/7 and nobody cares but as soon as a muslim girl posts something related to love, theres huge drama. People don’t even know whats going on but they theyre all going crazy. And best thing is its all on anon.

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Allah says “My mercy defeats/overcomes My anger.” This is a principle lens we should view all of Quran & Sunnah with. Changes things, yeah?

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I wonder how much “crime” is just people wanting food, healthcare and a place to sleep

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Right now, there are thousands of dreams and wishes inside of my head that will never come true.
I want a huge garden, a filled book shelf, a room that cleans itself, flawless skin, 5 kg less of my weight, a nice old car, a life without bad hair days, a cute baby cat, a little house by the sea and a lot of nice friends that accept my absolutely weird personality.
But what I really want for tonight, what I only wish for even though it sounds cheesy, is to lay in your arms, to feel your breath caressing my cheeks and to listen to your heartbeat beating in competition to mine.

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