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fi youm ana kont mashi min share3 el gharam. One day I was walking on the street of love. The name she was given by birth is Lisa, the name she chose as a muslim is Mahdia. 17. german origin, tunisian soul. converted muslimah. You did just enter her personal blog containing her thoughts, worries, wishes, experiences and regrets.In her darkest hours, mournful words are flowing through her mind. In her brightest moments, she will try to capture her happiness through her poor-quality camera.Enjoy yourself, dear stranger, while you walk through the endless gardens of her mind. Sit down and appreciate the flowers that she grows in there. Do not be shy to leave her a message. Even the gardener sometimes needs a little shaft of sunlight to grow.

Omg im just sitting in the bus wearing my abaya but without hijab incase someone of my family will catch me driving to the masjid and I feel so awkward.
People are giving me weird looks like who’s that blonde girl in the mufti dress?

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I am sitting infront of my tv watching al jazeera so I decided to share some of my thoughts with you guys.
What do I see?
I see destroyed houses, crying and screaming mothers, dead children, men with blood everywhere on their body.
I see Palestine.
Why do I watch al Jazeera, an arabic tv channel, when I don’t even speak arabic? I pick up single words. Images. Feelings. Impressions.
And although I don’t understand what they say, this is way more information than I can get from western news channels.
And it is exactly what angers me so much that it is nearly impossible for people in Germany or Europe in general to get reliable information or even a single impression of the situation in Palestine from tv, which is still the most influencing and popular media.
But oh yes, freedom of press is working great in Germany.
Interviews where Angela Merkel talks about the “israeli right to defend itself”, this is in the news, the suffering of innocent people, of course, that is not mentioned in even one single sentence.
Our press is not meant to inform, it is meant to oppress, nothing else.

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How beautiful is it that when you say “Subhanallah , Walhamdulillah , Walaa Ilaaha Illallah , Wallahu Akbar”, Allah SWT plants a tree for you in Jannah. How incredible and inviting is that. How appreciative is our Rabb that in the seconds it takes to say these words, He is building a garden and a home for us. It’s beyond comprehension. Allah wants us to go to Jannah. Thank you ya Rabb and please accept us.

Ameen 😢

Allah is soooo kind……

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My Lord, indeed I have wronged myself, so forgive me
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Woman and mosque in Xinjiang Province, China.
[image source]

Ali Ibn Abi Talib   (via pfoe)

(Source: thepathofabeliever)

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They are so cute. 

Insha’Allah we will see peace soon. Ameen
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Remember what Malcolm X said

Ewwww I never wanted to be one of those persons who cry about their weight and I always loved my curves but right now I just feel so uncomfortable with my body-_-

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Stressed, depressed and too poor to be well dressed

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I have figured out the one and only justification for going to that stupid fucking White House Iftar:


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2 minutes silence for those who smoke and drink to look cool.

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Life is so busy right now and I actually have no nerves for the internet life-_-

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